If Chrome could look like either Firefox or IE ? i like the way safari looks but feel its just too slow so can you tell me how to make google chrom look like safari on windows 7 I'm sorry Google I don't use your Browser but that's only because I HATE your toolbar . I'm trying to find a skin/theme for Chrome the makes it look like IE 10. Making one browser look like another has been a trend for ages. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum or has been asked before. Open Chrome. ... Safari Preview. I'd like to know how to make Mozilla Firefox 3.6 look like Safari 3. How to get an Edge experience in Chrome. Now its an even easier and more secure place to pay using Apple Pay in Safari. With all of the improvements to Safari in OS X lion, I've decided to put Google Chrome on the shelf for a bit and give Apple's browser another shot. They are simple cosmetics only, and only make Opera look like other browsers, while still allowing you to use Opera's features. Chrome(Win) and Safari (OSX) look different for ... site looks different on safari than how i want it to look on chrome. But it seems apps thatll make your photos look like a 3-year-old took them are sometimes the ... A Guide to Apps That Make Your Photos Look Shitty. Why is Firefox trying so much to look like Chrome, ... That leaves just Safari for Mac, ... ExtremeTech Newsletter. Like Google Chrome, ... on how to make Ubuntu look like a Mac you can up the Apple ante on your system somewhat by using CSS to make Firefox look more like Safari. The checkbox in IE and chrome looks different. Firefox can now send push notifications just like Safari and Chrome. ... like Safari on a OSX, ... sure I could just look up google and use google in ... manage, etc. Since its release in 2008, Google Chrome has gradually come to dominate the web browser market, even on platforms with pre-installed competition. Googles new iOS version of Chrome makes Safari look like Internet Explorer, so heres how to set it as your default mobile web browser I want checkbox in chrome looks same ... Make checkbox in chrome look like ... . Explore the features that make Chrome an amazing browser to experience the web. The reasons We take a look at a few Chrome extensions that make browsing with Chrome a bit more like Safari. ... make predetermined ... page and click Add to Chrome. It only took one google search. Google Chrome is a fast, ... like Internet Explorer or Safari, ... drag Chrome to a place on your computer where you can make edits, like your desktop. One of the Installing. Sorry it took a few months to put up the link. Hey guys. browsers, I really hate the good things being so scattered. ... Make checkbox in chrome look like one ... . Firefox has a lot going for it, but its interface feels a little dated next to sleek browsers like Chrome. Chrome vs. Safari Which Browser Is Best for iPhone and iPad?